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Does your mounted TV look bland?  Are you struggling to hear your favorite TV show even when the volume has been turned all the way up?  Do you wish you could hide your TV behind a mirror?

A vast majority of homeowners struggle with these questions.  Their heads are filled with a variety of home decor ideas, but their TVs don’t seem to fit into the design.  Oftentimes, the TV looks like an afterthought.  It doesn’t match the overall theme of your living room and decorations have to be built around the TV to ground it in the reality of the room.

As a trendsetter in the world of home entertainment furniture, our elegant selection of decorative monitor frames can add an element of sophistication to your living room, hotel or office.  Decorating a corner TV has been made easy with these decadent TV frames.

From hearty oak to the deep dark textures of mahogany, our selection of 100% real wood TV frames are ethically sourced from sustainable forests, lightweight and incredibly durable.  For those who find wood unattractive, our selection of metallic-looking frames will also do the job, “framing” your TV for all to see.

Besides being an aesthetic centerpiece, the‌ ‌complete‌ ‌encapsulating‌ ‌enclosure also causes sound from your speakers to reverberate within the frame and directs it forward towards the viewer.

Finally, the process is so easy, you can do-it-yourself!  The product contains all the tools you need to set up your frame. In 30 minutes, you can mount your frameit TV Frame around your mounted TV.

Inspire your friends and family with our selection of living room decor ideas.  Our wide variety of TV Frames enable you to find a look that suits your living room and our affordable prices ensure you won’t break the bank on your next renovation.


Heritage Collection

Detailed rich wood television frames in a selection of sophisticated and exotic woods.

Available In:

Frames Starting at: $315.00

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** Patent Pending

Contemporary Collection

Detailed rich wood television frames in an extensive selection of colors and patterns.

Available Color Variety:

Frames Starting at: $335.00

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** Patent Pending

The Elegance of Simplicity

Works With
All TV Brands

Simply select your TV size followed by preferred type of wood and frame border trim.


All frames are available in standard sizes of: 50″, 55″, 65″ and 75″.For smaller sizes or custom request please click here.

Quick & Easy

Simplicity of assembly has been at the core of our engineering design process. Your frame will be up for your enjoyment in about 30 minutes on average.


Solid premium woods sourced from certified sustainable forestry sources.

Made In

Designed, crafted and manufactured in the United States.

Welcome to frameit TV

frameit TV is a story of inquisitiveness that transcends into innovation, feelings, texture and a real thing.  Every piece of wood material and finished product has its very own unique characteristics to the sight and touch.  The distinguished warmth, grain pattern and, curvature within every television frame crafted, confirm you have a one of a kind.  Fabricated from a natural precious resource ensures that each television frame is truly yours and unlike no other.

Uniqueness and individuality distinguishes every one of us.  This is inherent in one’s style, preferences, and within your home or office look and feel.  As technology relentlessly evolves and bestow upon us remarkable benefits, it may not immediately conform to our style and tradition.  frameit TV brings your unique individuality, style and technology into unity.  Your cherished home, office or commercial décor and television set now in harmony.

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