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TV sets have become more innovative as technology has advanced. Flat screen TVs have replaced the bulky and awkward sets that ruled 20th-century living rooms. Nowadays, most households have smart-TVs that can function through voice, even access the internet and streaming platforms.

Even with all these advancements, TV sets still require cords and wires to work correctly, which makes for unsightly views if not properly managed. As a wood frame flat screen TV cover-up company, we have designed an innovative appliance to hide your TV’s wiring.

Very few frames conceal flat screen TV wires and cords, but ours do, making the room not only neater but safer. With your wires tucked away, children no longer have access to these wires, reducing their ability to tamper with the TV mount.

Our flat panel TV frame covers are made from 100% real wood, sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured right here in the USA. Our two collections were designed to suit any environment or lifestyle. If you’re a homeowner and you want a new flavorful addition to your living space, these frames make for perfect flat screen TV art.

Our TV frames come in a variety of woods and hues, inducing a homey and rustic feel to your preferred room. Our flat screen wood frames are also eye-catching, whether the TV is turned on or off. A flat screen wood frame serves as a decorative centerpiece for your room of choice, which your friends and family will be talking about for a long time.

If you are a professional who wishes to add an efficient appliance with flair to your office, decorative flat screen TV covers are worth the investment. frameit’s custom flat screen TV frames come in a variety of colors that suit any professional environment. Flat screen TV cover ups prevent your employees or clients from being distracted by the sight of cords and will focus on the presentation at hand.

frameit’s flat screen TV frame kit products are also easy to assemble without needing to dismount your TV. By following the how-to-guide you’ll be able to add a lovely and efficient appliance to your living or office space.

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