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A flat-screen TV mounted on a wall is a centerpiece in most living spaces, but some homeowners want a more decorative presence from their TV sets. To meet this demand, our company has developed a product that contributes to the home’s decor and the TV’s utility.

Most TV frames on the market are either repurposed mirror frames or wooden cabinets, which cannot be used if your television is mounted to the wall. In some cases, a wooden frame does not complement the aesthetic of your current living situation and finding an alternative proves to be even harder.

At frameit, our contemporary frames offer a sleek, metallic look. Our products are designed to suit any environment whether it’d be a living room or an office space. Our metallic-looking TV frames are perfect for the modern homeowner or professional who wants that cool metallic pop. Our frames also serve the purpose of not only decorating the TV set but hiding its cords.

At frameit, our frames completely encapsulate the TV, causing soundwaves to reverberate within the frame. The sound is then directed forward towards the viewer, increasing the audio quality of your device. With one of our frames, you won’t need to turn up your TV to the max.

This can be especially useful in your home theater or your office’s conference room, to drive attention towards the screen. Your television stands as the centerpiece of your wall. Yet, with most mounted screens, cords are still a nuisance that people have trouble with. Though most of the cords attached to a mounted flat-screen TV are hidden behind it, some happen to peek behind the TV which is a distracting sight for people. Hide all the visible cords that make their way into sight with a TV frame.

Our frames are also easy to assemble. By following the six easy steps provided by our team, your frame can be assembled in no-time without having to dismount your TV from the wall, which will give you more time to enjoy your TV and spend some time with your family.

From their superior sound quality, aesthetic design, and range of options, we are confident our frames are worth their weight in gold.

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