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Hospitality tv solutions are incredibly hard to find. Guests spend a pretty penny frequenting more upscale, luxurious hotels and resorts and it’s become an expectation to have a fully equipped television as standard. In most cases, TVs in hotel bedrooms are often moved and tampered with, resulting in damages and extensive repair bills.

The majority of hotel rooms have HDTVs mounted upon the walls, yet these units have the same mundane appearance. Installing a TV frame around your television can go a long way in providing better security, but also stands as a decorative piece to help your suites stand out.

At frameit TV, we pride ourselves in creating sleek television designs while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of performance. Our frames stand as one of the better hospitality television solutions on the market; not only protecting your television from invasive guests but also improving the audio quality of each set without causing major disruptions between each guest.

frameit TV offers a wide selection of color schemes and finishes for all TVs. Our two collections are specifically adapted for the television you intend to enclose within it, ranging from 49” to 79”. With frameit, no matter the size of your television, we have a frame for you.

The installation process is incredibly easy and we give you all the tools to do it. In 30 minutes, you can efficiently install one of our frames around your TV.

Additionally, your TV does not need to be detached from the wall in order to install one of our hospitality tv mounts. Our frames are constructed from 100% real wood from sustainable sources, enriched with an all-natural wood grain varnish; offering a modern and sleek design for you and your guests.

The bedroom television should be an extension of the room’s value, and a more modern, pristine-looking television is one of many imperative factors necessary in improving the quality of a room.

Watching TV is an indulgence for most travelers. Improving their viewing experience can only make for a better stay. So, if you are an interior decorator in charge of a renovation project or a hotel property manager, please contact us to explore how we can provide a customized TV frame solution for your property. Your guest will be sure to thank you for enriching their stay and viewing experience.

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