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Bars and restaurants entertain their patrons outside with TV shows and sports events. In most of these cases, these televisions do not have a cover, and in the event of extreme weather, these televisions are susceptible to damage. Any kind of moisture that can seep into the device, alongside sand and debris causing long term issues or unwanted expenses in repair costs.

TV’s are not always the most affordable pieces of technology, and while easily replaceable, you shouldn’t have to replace the unit as often.

Outdoor TV covers are an essential accessory to preserve and protect your television from extensive damage. Outside TV covers provide protection from bad weather conditions. Most devices, especially TV’s, do not have the luxury of waterproof protection.

Most covers on the market do not complement the aesthetic of your business. The frames can appear old and outdated, which may project sentiments you would not want to be associated with your business.

For a more cost-effective alternative, frameit TV offers a TV frame that completely encapsulates the TV from all sides, protecting the screen from various weather conditions.

Style is as equally important as safety, and it’s possible to have the best of both worlds when purchasing a frameit TV frame. We provide a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for different TV covers based on the user’s preferences. From real wood frames to metallic finishes, our collections offer the solution to your problem. Our frames are ethically sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured in the USA. No matter your industry, we have a TV cover that will work for you.

Instead of dismounting your televisions, our frames can be installed around your television, so you’ll never have to take it down. We also supply you with all the tools you will need. No need to call the installers.

Our unique and patented design directs sound toward your patrons, increasing the audio efficiency of your devices. With a frameit TV frame, you will have no need for speakers or external sound devices.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your TV and extend the shelf life of your unit, look into our Heritage and Contemporary Collections.

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