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Frameit TV is dedicated to creating an aesthetically pleasing home and work environment for our customers through sophisticated TV décor.  We know everyone is unique and special in their own way, which is why we have created an exclusive line-up of television frames to fit every TV brand-size and homes style.

Whether you want to design the home of your dreams or create an inviting environment at your place of business, there is a TV frame for everyone!  Our product allows you to turn your television into an attractive hardware fixture instead of an eye-sore in your living room, bedroom or office space.

Our TV frames add a sense of originality to your space that can’t be mimicked.  No other television frame will be like the one you purchased for your space!  Our company has designed two collections to fit the needs and budget of every family and business.  The Heritage Collection is 100% real wood featuring Maple, Oaks, Walnut, and Mahogany among others.  If natural wood is not your preferred style, our Contemporary Collection is designed to resemble a more modern style – from metallic finishes to a wide selection of modern colors.

Our company has more to offer than a fashionable television frames.  Our patent design diverts sound-waves directly toward the user rather than throughout your space, therefore enhancing the utility of the television’s audio.  Not only will Frameit TV add a stylish aesthetic to your space, it will also improve your overall audio experience.

Our company knows that the functionality of our products are just as important as their appearance, which is why we designed our frames with features to improve the overall ease of use.

We have added removable side panels so you can quickly and effortlessly access the important manual functions and ports of your TV without having to take the entire frame down.  The frames extends 6 inches from the wall to completely enclose your TV.  Furthermore, your TV never has to be dismounted from your wall mount during the installation process of our frames!  Assembly doesn’t take very long either, and the process is so easy, you can do it yourself.  Frameit TV frames include all the tools needed to installation.

Your purchase of Frameit TV products will certainly insure your family and guests experience the transformation in your home or place of business.

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