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Television frames have been around for a long time. Many frames are repurposed mirror frames or cabinets designed to hide your television inside. These frames do not conform to most traditional or modern settings and look considerably out of place. If you have ever said to yourself or your partner, “I want to frame the TV”, look no further than Frameit TV. Our decorative TV frames are designed to suit your current decoration, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, and office or hotel space. As a result, our frames are available in a variety of styles and colors to complement your existing décor.

Our flagship collections, the Heritage Collection, and the Contemporary Collection present some of the most unique TV frames on the market. Our frames provide a stunning visual appeal and an effective TV decorative solution that will significantly enhance your living space.

The Heritage Collection represents a more traditional and conservative style. This collection of solid wood television frames are made from traditional grains, such as Walnut, Oak, and Mahogany among others; a selection of shades to suit your preference and perfect to adhere and augment your home or business décor.

The Contemporary Collection represents a more progressive and modern style. This collection provides a wide array of striking colors and metallic finishes designed to complement the more modern home or business décor styles.

In addition to harmonizing your television’s appearance within its surrounding room’s decoration, our TV frames also conceal all the wires and hardware that may be visible behind the television. Finally, as a result of our unique design concept, which completely encapsulates the television set, the audio emanating from the TV speakers is amplified, enhanced and more accurately redirected in the direction of the viewer.

Easy To Assemble, your Frameit TV frame will not require you to dismount your TV from the wall. If you were wondering how to frame your TV, everything you need to install your new frame has been included in the box. In as few as 30 minutes, you can set up your Frameit TV frame and enjoy the transformative appearance of your television within your home or business location.

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